(Optional) Define E-mail Settings

Use the Stored Values Manager in CSM Administrator to define e-mail settings.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the On Call mApp Solution. For more information, refer to the mApp Solution Tech Notes documentation.

To define e-mail settings:

  1. Open the Stored Value Manager.
  2. In the Manager tree, click the Global scope, and then click the On Call subfolder.

    The On Call stored values display in the Main Pane.

  3. Right-click the Auto-Assign Ownership stored value, and then select Edit.

    The stored value window opens.

    Auto-Assign Ownership Stored Value

  4. Provide a value:
    • False: Provided by default in the Value field. When False is provided, Users receive an e-mail that includes instructions to log into CSM and click the Take Ownership link in the I Want To section of the Quick Info Tile.
    • True: Type True in the Value field to allow Users to take ownership by responding to the e-mail. When the User responds to the e-mail, notification e-mails are no longer sent Users in the On Call Group.

      To use this e-mail option, Users must create an E-Mail Monitor to handle the e-mail response.

  5. Select OK.