Use and Create Roles for Resources

Use roles for high-level resource planning.

Each resource is assigned a role and the role helps provide key availability information for managers. Some roles are included in the Resource Management mApp® Solution. You can modify, delete, or add new roles as needed.

The following roles are included:

  • Architect - Infrastructure
  • Asset Manager
  • Business Engagement Manager
  • DBA - SQL
  • DBA - Unix
  • Developer
  • Facilities
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Network Administrator
  • Process Engineer
  • Procurement
  • Project Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Sr. Developer
  • Technical Writer
  • Tester/UAT
  • Trainer - Content Developer
  • Trainer - Delivery
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Web Specialist

To create a new role:

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client, select Tools > Table Management.
  2. Select Role from the Type drop-down list, then select the New button.
  3. Provide the role name and select a status.
  4. (Optional) Select the area(s) the role may be associated with (example: The Security Analyst role would be associated with the Security area).
    The default list of areas is included with the mApp Solution and cannot be modified.

    The Resource Management mApp Solution uses the role and area information when looking for resource and role availability, and when assigning Tasks.

Form Arrangement:

The Primary Resources and Resources tabs display information based on how you set up the resources. The Skills tab displays information based on the skills that have been set up.