Create Resources to Assign to Tasks

Resource is a major Business Object that tracks resources (employees) available to be assigned to Tasks.

A resource's associated information provides availability and allocated time views for managers. A resource record is required for each person who will be assigned Tasks. The Resource Management mApp® Solution uses a One-Step™ Action to replace the Track Time One-Step Action on Incident (or other Business Objects) to use resource. You do not have to use resources on Tasks that are linked to another Business Object (Incident, Problem, Change).

For example, if an IT manager needs to assign an employee to a specific project that requires full time employment status and hardware skill, they can review the resource records to determine which employees meet those requirements.

All resources must be in your User Info Table, but not all users have to be a resource. The Name field within resource is validated to the Full Name field in User Info.

Before you create resources, we recommend that you set up roles, skills, and rates (in that order). Since resources use roles, skills, and rates, it will save time to set them up first.

To create an individual resource:

  1. From the CSM Desktop Client or CSM Browser Client menu bar, select New > New Resource.
  2. Select the resource name and employment type.
    Department autopopulates based on the resource name, but you can choose a different option.
  3. Select primary role and enter work week hours.
    The Primary Role field will be unavailable until you assign roles in the Role Assignment tab of the form arrangement.
  4. Operational Percent: Enter a number from 0 to 100 to indicate the percent of work week hours spent on day-to-day operational and administrative (non-project) tasks. The Available Project Hours field automatically calculates using the Operational Percent and Work Week Hours values.
    For example, with 40 Work Week Hours and an Operational Percent of 10, the resource will have 36 Available Project Hours.

    Work Week Hours and Operational Percent plus PTO numbers are used during the creation of Resource Time records.

  5. Select Save, and then select the Create Resource Time Records link (under Actions). This creates a time record for each day of the rest of the calendar year and the following year, which will be used to determine availability at the role and resource level.
    Use the Update Resource Time Records link to update the time records.
    Use the Delete Resources link to delete the record.
  6. Use the form arrangement for the remaining steps:

  7. Assign roles and skills using the Role Assignment and Skill Assignments tabs.
  8. Use the Tasks tab to create Work Items.
    You can create costs using the Cost Item - Labor Business Object.
    1. From the menu bar, select Tools > Table Management.
    2. Select Cost Item - Labor from the Type drop-down list, then select the New button.
    3. Select the resource name.
      The Role and Rate Name fields autopopulate based on the resource name, but you can choose a different option.
    4. Select the Billable check box, if applicable.
    5. Select the date, start time, end time, and hours.
      The rate autopopulates and after the hours are filled in, the total cost is calculated.
  9. Add or view scheduled PTO and resource times using the Scheduled PTO and Resource Times tabs.
    Use the Additional Resource Time Entries Automation Process to create resource times.
    The record must be in an active status before the Resource Times tab is updated.

You can change the status of the resource by selecting the Change Status link in the default form, but the Primary Role field must be completed first.