Automation Process Editor

Use the Automation Process Editor to define, edit, and delete Automation Processes.

Create and define the following Automation Processes:

  • Simple Action/Event Process
  • Threshold-Based Process
  • Automation Process Visual Workflow Process

The Automation Process Editor displays the list of Automation Processes with the following columns:

  • Automation Process: The name of the process.
  • Business Object: The type of Business Object against which the process operates.
  • Type: The type of process (example: TimeBased).
  • Status: If the process is enabled or disabled.
  • Priority: If the process is low, normal, or high execution priority.
  • Trigger: What sets off the process (example: Creation of a Business Object). If changing a specific field on the Business Object triggers the Automation Process, that field is listed in parentheses.
  • Description: A description of the process (if entered when the process was set up).