Create a Simple Action/Event Automation Process

Use the Simple Action/Event Automation Process window (accessed from within the Automation Process Editor) to create a Simple Action/Event Automation Process.

To create a Simple Action/Event Process:

  1. Open the Automation Process Editor.
  2. Select the New button, and then select Simple Action/Event Process.
  3. Define general properties: Name, description, Business Object, execution priority, and event.
  4. Define record limitations: How to limit records, based on query, field, or expression.
  5. Define an action: One-Step™ Action or action to run when the event takes place.

Important: If you are working with Automation Processes after a Protected mApp™ Solution has been applied to your system, note the following:

  • If you create or open an Automation Process Blueprint which has a Protected mApp Solution installed, protected processes have shield icons .
  • If you select a content-protected process and right-click, you cannot delete the process.
  • If you edit a content-protected Threshold-Based, or Simple/Event Automation Process, you must use Save As to create a copy.
  • If you view Automation Processes in a Blueprint or by opening an Automation .BP file from CSM Administrator, they cannot be edited in any way.
  • See Protected mApp™ Solutions.