Specifics Form (Portal View) and Service Request

The ITAM Specifics Form is associated with the Purchasing subcategories.

The Select Product and Quantity One-Step™ Action provides catalog items from the Product Catalog based on the subcategory selected.

Use the Form Editor (accessed from within a Blueprint in CSM Administrator to access the One-Step Action.

  1. From the Current view drop-down list, select Portal Default.
  2. Under Show object types, select the Supporting option.
  3. In the Business Object tree, select Specifics - ITAL.
  4. Under Appearance, select the Edit form link.
  5. From the Form drop-down list, select Specifics ITAL.
  6. Right-click the Add a Product link to open the Choose Action window.
  7. Select the Ellipses to open the Action Manager.

A Service Request (which is opened for the Purchase Request) can be initiated from the CSM Portal or directly by a user in CSM.

The Specific Form - ITAM is used both in the CSM Portal and the CSM Desktop Client to allow viewing and selection of products from the Product Catalog for the request.

  • Use the Service drop-down list to choose a Service category.
  • Use the Category and Subcategory drop-down lists to choose options (based on the Service category chosen).
  • Select Add a Product to initiate a search of the Product Catalog to add products to the request.
  • Select Create Purchase Request to create a new Purchase Request record to order any of the Items for Purchase.