Action Manager

Use the Action Manager to complete general CSM Item Manager operations for Actions.

Your ability to perform certain operations for items in certain scopes might be limited by your security rights. However, regardless of security rights, the available operations for commands are extremely limited because commands are built into the system. For more information, see Command Manager.

Action Manager

  1. Menu bar:

    Displays a row of drop-down menus available in the Manager.

    Click the Clear button Clear Current Selection Button to clear an Action or item that was previously selected for a CSM area.
  2. Toolbar:

    Displays a row of buttons for operations available in the Manager.

    In some cases (example: One-Step Actions), you might see an Association drop-down menu on the toolbar. This is for Actions and items that are associated with particular Business Objects.
  3. Search Control:

    Displays a search box to find specific words or phrases in the Manager.

  4. Culture selector:

    Displays the cultures available for platform and content strings in your system, so you can change languages as you work with items. Available only if globalization features are enabled.

  5. Action Pane:

    Displays the categories from which Actions, or items that will be initiated through Actions, are selected. The available categories vary depending on the location from which the Action Manager is launched.

  6. Action tree:

    Displays items in a hierarchical tree, organized by scope, and subfolder if applicable. Also lists any Searches run during the session.

  7. Main Pane:

    Displays items by view (icon, list, or details [grid]) and lists search results when a search is run.

    For certain categories, what you see in the Main pane can also be filtered by Business Object Association (appears on the toolbar if applicable).