Submit an Incident on Behalf of Another User in the Customer Portal

Use the Incident Form in the Customer Portal to submit an Incident on behalf of another User.

This functionality is only available if you have applied the Submit on Behalf Of mApp Solution.

To submit an Incident on behalf of another User in the Customer Portal:

  1. Log in to the Portal.
  2. In the Service Catalog, select Submit Incident or Request in the appropriate tile.
  3. Select the Submit on behalf of another user check box.
    1. From the Submit on behalf of (Customer) Field, use the Related Item Picker to select the name of the person you are submitting the Incident or Request on behalf of.
    2. From the Email Notifications drop-down list, select from the following options:
      • Customer
      • Customer and Requester
      • Requester

  4. Complete the process to finish creating a new Incident.