Change Journals

CSM provides several Change Journal types.

  • Journal - Note: Tracks user notes/comments. For example, a user might chronicle troubleshooting progress.
  • Journal - Customer Request: Tracks customer requests/comments.
  • Journal - History: Tracks important field changes. Tracked fields are configurable and are defined in the Business Object definition.
  • Journal - Mail History: Tracks email correspondence. For example, emails sent for receipt, follow-up, resolution, and questions.
  • Journal - Queue History: Tracks when records are added to/removed from a Queue.

    History Journals are automatically created by CSM. Note and Customer Request Journals are manually created.

Each Journal Type has its own unique form. Journals are child records, so they are linked to and available from their parent records (access Journals by selecting the Journals tab in the parent record's Form Arrangement).