Create a Site Record

Walk through the typical steps to create a Site record.

To create a Site record:

  1. On the CSM Browser Client or CSM Desktop Client toolbar, click New>New Site.

    A new Site record is created with a status of New.

  2. Provide information about the Site in the Overview:
    1. Site Name: Provide a name (example: USA Headquarters). This is a required field.
    2. Address: Provide an address (example: 10125 Federal Drive).
    3. Address 2: Provide additional address information (example: Suite 100).
    4. Country: From the drop-down, select the country associated with the Site (example: United States of America).
    5. State/Province/Territory: From the drop-down, select the name of the state, province, or territory associated with the Site (example: Colorado).
    6. City: Provide the name of the city (example: Colorado Springs).
    7. Postal Code: Provide the zip code (example: 80908).
    8. Region Code: From the drop-down, select a region code (example: Western United States).
    9. Notes: Provide other important information for the Site.
  3. The Site record creator is automatically assigned as the Owner. Assign a different Site Manager or Team in the Default Form by clicking the Site Manager or Team name links.

    You can also change the SIte Manager by selecting the Assign To... link under Actions.

  4. Activate the Site by clicking the Next: Active link in the Status bar.

    The status changes to Active and the Site is available.

  5. (Optional) Create Building records to associate with the Site:
    1. Click the New Building button in the Form Arrangement.
    2. Complete the Building form.
  6. (Optional) To deactivate the Site, click the Next: Inactive link in the Status bar.

    The status of the Building records associated with the Site must be set to Inactive before the Site can be deactivated.