Ivanti Neurons Base Czar

The Ivanti Neurons Base .czar is a is a prerequisite base/starter .czar for customers using Ivanti Service Management (ISM), but wanting to use Cherwell Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions without ITSM.

An Ivanti Neurons Demo .czar is also available and contains the same Business Objects as the base czar, but is provided with demonstration records data. Both .czar files are available in the installation media folder.

Table:  Components
Components File Name Description
Ivanti Neurons Base Czar ESMStarter.czar

Prepares the database and provides the required definitions for creating content.

Ivanti Neurons Demo Czar ESMDemo.czar

As above, but contains demonstration records.


Platform version requirements: CSM 10.2.1 or later; not compatible on platform versions earlier than CSM 10.2.1.

Installation: The .czar file must be imported (restored) manually prior to installing the ESM mApp® Solutions. Follow the procedure to restore a database in System Restore Tool.