Priority Matrix Element Form

Use the Priority Matrix Element form to define and manage the values that go in your Priority Matrix. The Priority Matrix Element form is a Child form, and is linked to and available from its Parent SLA form (Priority Matrix Elements tab in the SLA form's Arrangement area). See OOTB Priority Matrixes for additional information.

The following table describes the fields on the form.

Field Description Comments
Priority Group

Specifies which Priority Group (Priority Matrix) the value is in:

  • Standard: Standard Priority Matrixes for Incident and Request.
  • E-mail/Calendaring: Priority Matrixes dedicated to the E-mail/Calendaring Service.
  • Custom.
Incident/Service Request Specifies whether the value is in the Incident or Request Priority Matrix.  
Urgency Specifies which Priority Matrix row the Priority is in. The value is put into the row and column that intersect.
Impact Specifies in which Priority Matrix column the Priority is in.
Priority Specifies the value of the priority.  
Matrix Order Specifies the vertical and horizontal sort order for the grid (low to high). We recommend that you build left to right, then down.  
Description Description of the priority.