Automatically Release a License

Use the Automatically Release a License option in the Licensing window to automatically release idle licenses.

Licenses become idle for the following reasons:

  • User inactivity (example: Walked away with CSM open).
  • The CSM Desktop Client crashes.

Good to know:

  • Configure the system to automatically log out idle Users, thus releasing licenses (CSM Administrator > Security > Edit Security Settings > Desktop Client > Logout inactive users from Cherwell Client). See Configure Login, Authentication, and Inactivity Settings for Each Client/
  • The CSM Browser Client and CSM Portal automatically log out users/customers after a period of inactivity based on browser application settings and IIS configuration. See Configure CSM Web Application Settings (URLs, Timeouts, RSS Feeds).

    Closing a browser window without logging out of CSM does not release the license. The license is released when the user/customer logs out or the session times out. If an IIS Reset is performed, the license will be released only if the auto-release option is enabled.

To automatically release a license:

  1. Open the Licensing window (CSM Administrator > Security > Licensing).
  2. Select If Client Stops Responding, Auto-release License After x Minutes.
  3. Minutes: Specify the number of minutes to wait before releasing the license.

    We recommend setting the auto-release period to 90 minutes.

  4. Select OK.