License Consumption

License consumption varies depending on the application, who logs in (user or customer), and which operations each person performs.

The following operations affect license consumption:

  • Only the following Cherwell applications require a license:
    • Desktop Client
    • Browser Client
    • Outlook® Add-In
    • Under special circumstances, the CSM Portall might also require a license
  • A user consumes one and only one license when logging into a license-consuming Cherwell application, regardless of the number of applications or instances of Cherwell that are accessed. In other words, a user can simultaneously access multiple Cherwell applications and multiple instances of Cherwell using one license.

    Example: Andrew logs into CSM via his computer; Andrew consumes one license. Andrew then logs into CSM through his mobile device; Andrew still consumes only the one license.

  • Customers logging into CSM Portal to view/edit their own records typically do not consume a license (example: A customer owns the record, is the requestor, and is associated with the record). Certain editing tasks require that the customer log in and consume a license. CSM notifies the customer when a license is necessary. Customers who do do not have rights to consume a license cannot edit the record.
  • A customer logging into the CSM Portal to access someone else's records does not consume a license to view the record but does consume a license to edit a record. After a license is acquired, it is held for the remainder of the customer's session.

The following table shows license consumption by item:

Item Consumes License
Client Applications
CSM Desktop Client OK
CSM Browser Client OK
Cherwell Mobile™ for iOS® OK
Cherwell Mobile™ for Android™ OK
Cherwell Portal™ OKSometimes (see People)
CSM Administrator Delete
Supporting Applications
Auto-Deploy Delete
Cherwell® REST API OK
Dashboard Viewer Delete
Import Utility (legacy) Delete
Outlook® Add-in OK
Outlook Add-in Installer Delete
Report Runner Delete
System Restore/Upgrade Delete
Test LDAP Delete
Server applications Delete
Server Manager Delete
User logging into a license-consuming application OK
User logging into a second license-consuming application Delete
User logging into a second instance of a licensing-consuming application Delete
Customer logging into the CSM Portal to view/create/edit their own record (Requestor/record owner)* Delete
Customer logging into the CSM Portal to view someone else's record (not the requestor/record owner but has extended rights to manage another customer's records)* Delete

Customer logging into the CSM Portal to edit someone else's record (not the requestor/record owner but has extended rights to edit another customer's records).

Exceptions: Sometimes, a One-Step Action can edit another dustomer's records without consuming a license (example: Send an Email, Create a Journal, or Rating a Record).

OK(with exceptions)
* Some Portal Sites and activities require use of a license. CSM prompts the customer if a license is required.