Reserve Licenses for a Department

You can group licenses for a department to use. This means that concurrent licenses are segmented for use by different organizations within a company.

When you reserve a license for a user or a department, you take that license out of circulation. Any licenses left over can be used as and when needed. Reserving licenses guarantees a certain number of licenses are always available for a department by removing those licenses from the general set of licenses available. This does not limit the department to only those licenses if there are additional non-reserved licenses available.

Reserve two licenses for the IT department so that members of that department can always access CSM.

Reserving licenses for a department is available only if the Holds property is set on a Department field in the UserInfo Business Object.

To find the Holds property:

  1. Open the CSM Administrator
  2. Edit a Blueprint containing the UserInfo Business Object.
  3. Go to the General page and you see the Holds drop-down list.

We also recommended that this field is validated with a list of legal departments.

Examples of License Use

  1. You reserve 30 licenses for the HR department out of 100 available licenses. 30 HR staff log in. More HR staff can still log in because the remaining 70 licenses are not reserved for anyone else. However a maximum of 70 non-HR users can log in at any one time because 30 licenses are always reserved for HR.
  2. You have 100 licenses with 20 reserved for Accounting and 25 reserved for HR, leaving 55 licenses available for general use. If 30 users from Accounting and 30 users from HR are logged in, consuming a total of 60 licenses, 40 are available for any other users what want to use CSM.

To reserve one or more licenses for a particular department:

  1. In CSM Administrator, select Security.
  2. Select Licensing.
    The Reserved Licenses area lists the reserved licenses by user and department.
  3. Select Add department.
    The Add Department Licenses window opens.
  4. Enter the Department name for which you wish to reserve a license.
  5. Select the number of Licenses to reserve for that department.
  6. Select OK.

To modify licenses reserved for a department:

  1. To free a license, select the Department, and then select Remove.
  2. To change the number of reserved licenses for a department, select the Department, and then select Edit.
  3. Enter the new number of licenses.
  4. Select OK.