Reserve a License for a User

Reserve a license for a specific user to ensure they always have access to your system. A license can be freed by removing it from user. This allows it to be reserved for a different user.

We recommend that you reserve a license for the system administrator to ensure permanent access.

To reserve a license for a user and remove it from the set of available concurrent licenses:

  1. In CSM Administrator, select Security.
  2. Select Licensing.

    The Reserved Licenses area lists the reserved licenses by user and department.

  3. To reserve a license for a particular user:
    1. Select Add user.

      The Add Reserved License window opens, listing users who do not currently have a reserved license.

    2. Select one or more users for whom to reserve a license.

      Press Ctrl to choose a non-contiguous selection of users. Press Shift to select a contiguous list of users. Select New User to create a new User Profile. See Create a User Profile.

    3. Select OK.

      The Has reserved license check box in the User's Profile updates to show a reserved license.

      Reserve or free a license by selecting or clearing the Has reserved license check box on the User's Profile (Security > Edit Users).

  4. To free a license, select the User, and then select Remove.
  5. Select OK.