Add a Customer to the CSM Portal

Use the CSM Desktop Client to create login credentials for an individual CSM Portal customer or user.

Good to know:

  • Configuration is required to use Windows credentials. For more information, see Windows Credentials.
  • If you provide a Windows/LDAP ID, omit the CSM login ID and password.

To create login credentials for an individual customer:

  1. In the CSM Desktop Client, open the Contact Manager (Customer > Contact Manager).
  2. Create or select a customer record.
  3. On the menu bar, select Customer > Portal Settings > Current Customer Credentials.
    The Portal Credentials window opens.
  4. Select the Customer configured to use Cherwell Portal check box to enable the customer to log in to the Portal.
  5. Select a Customer Group. The Security Group you select controls access to CSM functionality and data. Customers have their own Security Group, called Portal Customer, in the Starter Database.
  6. Provide a login ID:
    • To use CSM credentials, provide a unique login ID.
    • To use Windows credentials or LDAP credentials instead of CSM credentials, provide the Windows Login ID.
  7. Provide a password or select the Auto-generate a new password for this Customer check box to have the system randomly generate a password.
  8. Select the Email customer new credential information check box to send the customer credentials by email. Select Edit email to customize the text that is sent.

    If you randomly generate a password, select the Email customer new credential information check box; otherwise, there is no way for the customer to retrieve the password.

  9. Define account locking and password reset options:
    • Select Account locked to lock an account and prevent the customer from logging in to the CSM Portal).
    • Select the Password never expires check box to remove password expiration for this user. This overrides any system setting to reset the password. If this option is selected, the User must reset password at next login and Password reset date settings are hidden.
    • Select User cannot change password to restrict a customer from changing a password. If a password reset is required, the system administrator must reset the password.
    • Select User must reset password at next login attempt to force a password when the customer next logs in. This is an immediate reset. Use this setting if customers forget their passwords.
    • Select the Password reset date check box to prompt customers to change their password on a specific date. Then, select a reset date.
  10. Select OK.