Add Customers to the CSM Portal

Before customers can access the CSM Portal, you must create login credentials for them. Customer credentials are configured for customer records because it is usually a support desk task to manage customer accounts.

You can also schedule an automatic action to assign credentials on a regular basis using the Scheduling Service. This is commonly used to import customers from LDAP.

Customers can log in to the CSM Portal using assigned CSM credentials or using Windows/LDAP credentials. You must specify a supported login mode in CSM Administrator (Security > Edit Security settings > Browser Portal). This is intended for situations when your Active Directory users access the CSM Portal.

Create customer credentials:

  • For a single customer.
  • For a batch of customers.

For a batch of customers, passwords can be generated randomly and sent to each customer by email or can be assigned through Active Directory.

If configured, customers can access the CSM Portal anonymously using CSM's Anonymous Security Group. Anonymous customers do not require credentials, but their access is limited to the features configured for Anonymous access.