Edit an Adaptive Layout

Change the properties of an existing Adaptive Layout.

To edit an Adaptive Layout:

  1. Open the Form Editor or the Dashboard Editor.
  2. Select a layout to edit from the guide bar or the layout selector.
  3. Click the Edit button .
    The Edit Layout dialog opens.
  4. Edit the layout properties.
    • Click the Ellipses button to select an Adaptive Layout Preset for the layout. This will populate the layout's properties with pre-defined properties.

      Remember: The height and width properties must be defined in device-independent pixels. Refer to Defining Adaptive Layout Properties Using Device-Independent Pixels for more information. You must define the width property at least 20 device-independent pixels larger or smaller than any existing layout.

    • The Save button is activated when you edit one or more properties.
    • You can also drag one of the handles to resize the layout.
  5. Optional: Click Save as Preset to save the layout properties as a Preset in the Adaptive Layout Preset Manager.
    Perform this step if you plan to create layouts for other Forms or Dashboards that utilize the same properties.
  6. Click Save.
    The layout is displayed as the currently selected layout with the new properties.