Define an Approval Block ID Field

Use the Business Object Editor to define an Approval Block ID field to indicate which Approval Block to use for a Business Object.

This field is stored in the Major Business Object that owns the approvals, and holds an internal ID that the system associates with an Approval Block. An approval process can contain multiple Approval Blocks, and this field contains the information the system needs in order to know which set of approvals to use (example: A hardware change might require one set of approvers and a software change might require a different set of approvers).

To define an Approval Block ID field:

  1. Open the Business Object Editor for the Business Object to which you are adding approvals.
  2. Select New FieldCreate New Button.
  3. Define general information for the Approval ID field:
    • Name: Provide a name for the field (example: Approval Block ID).
    • Type: In the drop-down list, select Text.
    • Size: In the drop-down list, select 42. This is the exact length of the internal ID.
  4. Optional: Select Field Properties to open the Field Properties window, and then edit general information and define additional properties for the field.
  5. Publish the Blueprint (File > Publish Blueprint) to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint (File > Save Blueprint) to continue making other changes.