Archive Business Objects

Starting in CSM 2023.3, you can archive Business Object records. When you create an archive of a Business Object, you create a flat file copy of the Business Object with the records you want to archive. You can restore archived records if necessary. Use this functionality to archive outdated records and manage storage needs.

Archiving is available for Major, Supporting, and Group Leader Business Objects. When archiving a Major Business Object, its Supporting Objects are not automatically included. If you want to preserve the data, manually enable archiving for each Supporting Object. When enabling archiving on a Group Leader Object, its Group Members are included in the archive.

When archiving business objects, you first Enable Archiving for Business Objects, then Methods to Archive Business Objects.

Considerations for Archiving Business Objects

We strongly recommend that you back up your database before creating archives.

You should have a good understanding of the layout of your Business Objects and their relationships to other objects. This understanding is essential to properly building your archived data. Failing to do so could result in unlinked records that cannot be easily queried.

Working with Archived Business Objects

View Archived Business Objects

When you look at the list of Business Objects in CSM Administrator, archived objects are hidden by default. Select the Show Archive Objects option in the Manage Objects view of a Blueprint to see archived Business Objects. Archived objects are named the same as the object they are derived from, appended with _ArchiveStorage.

Archived Business Objects are not meant to be viewed and interacted with in the same way as regular Business Objects. There are no views or forms associated with archived objects, so you cannot view records in the same way as regular Business Objects.

Once data is archived, relationships are not preserved.

Restore Archived Records

If you accidentally archive records, you can restore them using a One-Step Action

To restore archived records:

  1. In the archived Business Object, select the grid view.

  2. Select the records you want to restore.
  3. Run the Transfer records to or from an archive One-Step Action.

  4. Once you restore the archived data, you can interact with the records in the same way as a non-archived record.