Define Image Path Values for a Field

Define an image path value to add an image to a Field on a Form. Import or link an image to show a photo, avatar, or other image on the Form (example: Import an customer's picture to display when their name is selected).

Define the Image Path Value

Use the Image Manager to import or link new images to a Form.

Supported image file paths are:

  • Imported
  • PlugIn
  • URL
  • File
  • Theme

[URL] and [FILE] based images may drastically increase the Form's loading time because external data must be retrieved and loaded. Some methods may not be available through the Browser Applications.

Use the Image Path from a Field Value on a Form

Create or edit a Text Field to add an image path:

  1. Create a new Field or edit an existing Field.
  2. Select Text for the Field type and provide a value of at least 260 in the Size field. A Text Field must be used and the length of the field needs to be adjusted to support the length of the path to the image. 260 characters may be required for a URL image path.
  3. Define Detailed Properties for a Field and select the Calculated value drop-down.
  4. Select the Expression option button.
  5. Set the Expression value to an image path value (example: [IMPORTED], [PlugIn], [URL], [FILE], or [Theme]). Field tokens can also be used to populate the image paths, where the name of the image matches a value from another field on the record or related records (example: [FILE]C:\Images\Customer.FullName.png).
  6. Click OK to close the Custom Expression window.
  7. Click the Advanced page.
  8. Select the Recalculate after load check box.
  9. Click OK to close the Field Properties window.
  10. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes.

Add the Field to the Form

Edit the form that the image value Expression  was created for:

  1. Open the Object Manager.
  2. Select the appropriate Business Object in the Object Tree and click the Edit form task in the Structure area.
  3. Add an Image Control to a Form and set it to use a custom or stored Case Expression.
  4. Define a Case Expression to set the Expression to work as a group of if-then-else Expressions.
  5. Publish the Blueprint to commit the changes or Save the Blueprint to continue making other changes. Once the Field is populated with a valid image path, the Image Control should show that image.