Use Solution Search for External Solutions

Use the External tab of the Related Item NavigationSolution Search tab in the CSM Browser Client to retrieve information from a website that can provide a solution to an issue without leaving the current record.

To run an external solution search:

  1. In the CSM Browser Client, open an existing record.
  2. Select the Solution Search tab in the Related Items pane. If you do not see this tab or you see a message within the tab to contact your system administrator, it has not yet been configured for use.
  3. Select the External tab. This tab displays information retrieved from a website that the user enters.
  4. Enter the URL for the website that will be used as a solution in the Search field.
  5. Select Import to retrieve information.
    The External tab displays information about the website.
  6. Select an option in the vertical ellipsis Action Menu.

    To see any additional fields configured for view, select the link for the search result. All of the fields configured for view will display.

    To perform an Action, select an option in the vertical ellipsis Action Menu.

    Depending on your specific configuration, any of the following Actions may be available in the vertical ellipsis Action Menu.

    Action Description
    Open in New WindowSelect to open the knowledge source in a new window in the browser.
    Copy LinkSelect to copy the knowledge source link to the clipboard.
    Share with CustomerSelect to open an email to the customer with fields populated based on the knowledge source. If the Communication tab in the Related Item Navigator is configured, the email will open in the Communication tab. See Use Communication in Related Items Pane. Otherwise, the E-mail window opens.
    Remove Linked Article

    Select to remove the knowledge source from the External tab.

    Run (One-Step Action)Select to run the One-Step Action that has been configured for the solution. See Solution Search Properties.

    This option is only available if the knowledge source is being used as a solution.