Use Communication in Related Items Pane

Use the Communication tab in the Related Items pane of the CSM Browser Client and CSM Desktop Client to send email messages directly from the current Business Object record.

If Related Item Navigation is enabled for the Business Object, and the Communication tab is made visible in the Related Items pane, users can compose and send email messages using the same options that are available in the Email Message window, which can be launched from either the Desktop Client or Browser Client.

In the Communication tab, you can:

  • Manually enter email addresses or select recipients from the CSM Address Book.
  • Select Contact Customer to add the requestor's name to the To field.

    This feature is enabled only for Business Object records that have a Requestor field that is populated with a person with a valid email address.

  • Select New Thread to clear the To, Bcc, and Cc fields in the current email message. The subject and body remain populated.
  • Select an email account from the Send Via drop-down list. By default, the account is set to the default account that is configured in CSM Administrator (or by the user, if that user has the appropriate security rights).
  • Use rich text toolbar options such as lists, colors, fonts, spacing, and alignment. You can also use plain text to remove formatting from the message.
  • Attach files and add links to email messages.
  • Designate email messages as low or high importance.
  • View the email thread history in the Journal - Mail History Record tab.