Delete or Move Jumps

Delete or move jumps to reconfigure your Business Object lifecycle.

To delete a jump from a lifecycle:

  1. Open the lifecycle in the Business Object Lifecycle Editor.
  2. Select the jump that you want to delete.
  3. Right-click and select Delete jump.
  4. Optional: Select Yes or No when prompted.
    The jump is deleted.

    If you delete a status with a jump, the jump is also deleted.

To move a jump:

  1. As above but right-click and select Move jump.
  2. Drag the jump to a different starting status and then drop it.
    The corresponding "end" jump number moves to the new destination status.
  3. Select Save on the toolbar (or select Ctrl+S) to save your lifecycle while working. Select OK at the end when editing is complete and you want to save your lifecycle and close the Lifecycle Editor.
  4. If not valid, you are not allowed to save and are asked to fix the issues. See Validate a Lifecycle.

  5. Publish the Blueprint (File > Publish Blueprint) to commit the changes, or save the Blueprint (File > Save Blueprint) to continue making other changes.