Search for a Content Item

Use the Content Manager to search for an item of content using the name of the item.

Good to Know

  • When searching for a Business Object, the search covers all types of Business Objects (Major, Supporting, Lookup Tables).
  • All results are returned with no filters applied (example: No Major Objects or Default View).
  • Searching for the names of content items is case insensitive.

To search for a content item:

  1. If you've previously been using the filters, select Search icon to return to the search field.
  2. Select the definition type you want to search for from the Definition List (example: Dashboard).
    Your search results are then restricted to items of the same definition type as shown by the hint in the search field.
  3. Start typing the name of the item you are searching for (example: Knowledge Article).

    Results start to reduce in number as soon as you type as little as one character. This character can appear anywhere in the name of the item (example: Searching for a returns both Account or Customer - Internal).

  4. Select your chosen content item from the results.