Add an Image to a Widget

Use the Dashboard Editor to add an image to a Widget. Images can be:

  • Imported: Any image stored in the Image Manager.
  • Stored Values: Images used as Stored Values (ex: Company logo).
  • Conditional (Expression-driven): For example, define an Expression to conditionally display a warning icon to indicate a surpassed threshold (ex: Open Incidents surpassed 100 count threshold).
  • None: Widget does not use an image.
  • Aligned: To the Top/middle/bottom and left/right/center of the Widget.

Good to know:

To add an image to a Widget:

  1. Open a Dashboard in the Dashboard Editor
  2. Click a Widget.
  3. On the Dashboard Editor toolbar, click the drop-down arrow on the Image button Control Image Button, and then select one of the following options:
    • Browse: Opens the Image Manager, where you can select an existing image or import a new image to display on the Widget.
    • From Stored Value: Opens the Stored Value Manager, where you can select an existing Stored Value or create a new Stored Value to use for the image.
    • Custom Expression: Opens the Custom Expression Builder, where you can create a custom Expression to use only for this scenario.
    • Expression Manager: Opens the Expression Manager, where you can select an existing Expression or create a new stored Expression to use. Stored Expressions can be reused in numerous places in CSM.
    • None: Does not use an image.
  4. Align the image:
    • Click the drop-down arrow on the Image button, select Image Alignment, and then select an alignment option within the Widget (example: Top-right).
  5. Continue making changes, or select OK to save and close the editor.