Create a Slideshow

Use the Slideshow properties window (accessed from within the Slideshow Manager) to create a Slideshow. When you create a Slideshow, you define:

  • General properties: Name and description.
  • Time to Display Each Dashboard: In hours, minutes, or seconds.
  • Dashboards: List of Dashboards to cycle through.

    The Slideshow Manager is accessed from within the Dashboard Viewer.

Good to know:

  • After a Slideshow is created, it can be run from the Slideshow Manager or from the MRU list of recently accessed Slideshows.
  • You can also specify a default Slideshow to be opened on startup via File>Options.

To create a Slideshow:

  1. Open the Slideshow Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  3. Click the Create New button Create New Button.

    Slideshow Properties

  4. Define general properties:
    1. Name:

      Provide a display name to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

    2. Description:

      Provide a description to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

  5. Select the Dashboards to include in the Slideshow:
    1. Add button: Click this button to add a Dashboard (one at a time). The Dashboard Manager opens, where you can select an existing Dashboard or create a new Dashboard.
    2. Time to Display Each Dashboard: Specify the amount of time (in hours, minutes, or seconds) to display each Dashboard. Five (5) seconds is the minimum.
    3. Up/Down arrows: Use to define the order of the Dashboards in the Slideshow. When the last Dashboard is displayed, the Dashboard Viewer returns to the first.

      Click the Remove button to remove the selected Dashboard from the Slideshow.

  6. Select OK.