Create/Edit a Dashboard

Create or edit a dashboard to define its properties and save it in the Dashboard Manager.

Create a Dashboard

  1. Open the Dashboard Manager, and select a scope and subfolder (if needed). For more information, see scope.
  2. Select the Create New button Create New Button.

    The Dashboard Properties dialog opens.

  3. Select Display to define the display options.
  4. Select Filter to define the filter options.
  5. Select Refresh to define the refresh options.
  6. (Optional) Select the Options button to define additional options.
  7. Select OK.

    The Dashboard Editor opens, where you can then:

    • Size the dashboard background.
    • Select a dashboard background color.
    • Add one or more widgets to the dashboard.
    • Define how each widget looks and behaves on the dashboard: Text, size, color, image, alignment, anchoring, layering, and visibility.

For more information, see Dashboard Editor.

Edit a Dashboard

  1. Open a dashboard in the Dashboard Editor.
  2. Make changes.

    To access dashboard properties, select the Dashboard Properties button Dashboard Button on the Dashboard Editor toolbar.

  3. Select OK.