Select a Border Style for a Widget

Use the Dashboard Editor to select a border style for a Widget. Border style options include:

  • No Border
  • 3D Border
  • 1, 2, 3 and 4 pixel width

Good to know:

  • Border style options are available on the Dashboard Editor toolbar and from the context (right-click menu).
  • See Dashboard Editor Behaviors for tips on working with Widgets on Dashboards.

To select a border style for a Widget:

  1. Open a Dashboard in the Dashboard Editor.
  2. Click one or more Widgets.
  3. On the Dashboard Editor toolbar, click the drop-down arrow on the Border Style button, and then select a style from the following:
    • No Border: No border is added.
    • 3D Border: Adds a three dimensional border around the Widget.
    • Pixel Width: Adds a fixed pixel width border around the Widget.
  4. Continue making changes, or select OK to save and close the editor.