About CSM Email Accounts

Email accounts enable users to send emails directly from within CSM using the E-mail Message window.

Emails can be sent from either a global account (configured by an administrator) or a personal email account (configured by users in CSM). Users with email security rights can personalize and use a global email account. Users can also configure a personal account for special circumstances, such as sending email from home or an off-site location.

CSM supports the following types of email accounts for both global and personal accounts:

  • POP/SMTP (or POP3): A simple and very common mail server format for incoming email.
  • IMAP/SMTP (or IMAP4): A more advanced mail protocol than POP and is generally considered more secure and has additional options for dealing with server-based mail. However, fewer mail services provide IMAP support.
  • Microsoft® Exchange: The Exchange Server handles both incoming and outgoing emails. See the System Requirements for supported versions.