Configure Default Actions for an Email Monitor

The Default Monitor Item consists of actions that a Monitor performs if no other conditions are true. Default is always the last item in the list of Monitor Items, and it cannot be deleted.

The Default Monitor Item is configured the same way as a new Monitor Item, except that it has no Conditions page. Its built-in condition is that none of the actions for the other Monitor Items were executed because their conditions were not met. By default, this Monitor Item creates a new Incident from the email.

If an Email Monitor should handle all incoming messages the same way, have Default as the only item (aside from Skip Item Rules) in the list of Monitor Items, and then the same list of actions are performed against every email (that passes the Skip Item Rules) received in the monitored account.

To configure the Default Monitor Item:

  1. Open the E-mail and Event Monitor.
  2. On the Monitors page, select Default, and then select Edit.
  3. Define general properties for the Default item (General page).

    The name for the Default item (Default) cannot be edited.

  4. Define how to identify existing records (ID Existing Record page).
  5. Define actions for the Default item.