Delete a Global Email Account

You can remove a global email account that is no longer needed. When deleting an account, keep in mind that this might be an active account with defined personal email settings for some users.

To delete a global email account:

  1. In CSM Administrator, select E-mail and Event Monitoring > Edit E-mail Accounts and Settings.
    The E-mail Options window opens.
  2. Select the Accounts page.
  3. Select the email account to delete.
  4. Select the Delete button.
    The Update or Delete Dependent Accounts window opens.
  5. Select whether to preserve or delete user customizations on the account:
    • Keep User Accounts: Select this radio button to have the global settings copied into each user account based on this account, so it continues to function as before. Users are able to edit any portion of the account (even the items that were locked previously).
    • Delete Any User Customizations for the Account: Select this radio button to delete the global account and all user customizations at the same time. Users are no longer able to use the account to send email from within CSM.
  6. Select OK, and then select OK again.