Configure User Email Settings

Use the E-mail page in the CSM Options window to configure the following user email settings:

  • Add a new email account.
  • Edit or copy an existing account.
  • Delete an account.
  • Designate an account as the default account for sending emails from within CSM.
  • Find dependencies.

To configure user email settings:

  1. From the menu bar, select Tools > Options.
  2. Select the E-mail page.
  3. Configure a personal email account or customize a global email account:
    • Add: Configure a new personal email account (POP, IMAP, or Exchange).
    • Edit: Edit the settings for an existing account.
    • Delete: Delete an existing account.
    • Revert: Remove your personal settings and revert to the default settings for a global email account.
    • Copy: Copy the settings for an existing account, and then edit the settings as necessary.
  4. Define email account settings:
    1. Define personal POP or IMAP Account settings.
    2. Define personal Microsoft Exchange Account settings.
  5. Spell check email: Select this check box to have CSM spell-check emails before they are sent.
  6. Make default account: Makes the selected account the default account for sending emails within CSM.
  7. Find dependencies: Displays other CSM Items using the selected email account (example: An E-mail and Event Monitor).
  8. Select OK.

    For more information about email accounts and how to use email in CSM, refer to the E-mail documentation.