About the Email and Event Monitor

The Email and Event Monitor Service is a CSM service that automatically monitors email accounts and event streams, and then performs specified actions, such as creating or modifying records based on email content or event details.

The Email and Event Monitor Service is a microservice of the Cherwell Service Host. In addition to connecting to the database server, it can communicate with the mail server (example: Microsoft Exchange). See Cherwell Service Host.

The Email and Event Monitor performs the following functions:

  • Email monitoring: Email monitoring is a function performed by a CSM Email Monitor to scan an email account's incoming mail and automatically perform actions based on specified conditions (example: Update an Incident record with email content if an existing record can be found).

To use email monitoring, there must be at least one email account configured in CSM. The Email Monitor processes incoming emails from a monitored account and performs actions, such as attaching emails to Business Object records as Journal - Mail History records, creating or updating records with the contents of incoming emails, and executing One-Step Actions against newly updated or created Business Object records. See Configuring Email Accounts.

Restrictions on who can access Email and Event Monitor functionality and data can be put in place using security rights. See E-mail and Event Monitor Security Rights.

An Email Monitor is used to watch one particular email account. Create as many individual monitors as required, but do not create multiple monitors that point to the same email account unless only one is enabled. Otherwise, the behavior of the Email Monitor is ambiguous. A monitor's behavior is defined by a series of Monitor Items (consisting of conditions and actions) that are configured as needed so that emails are processed according to business needs. See Create an Email Monitor.

CSM provides a demo Email Monitor (complete with defined Monitor Items). Implement this demo design for testing, and then create a production design using the Email and Event Monitoring Manager. See Demo Email Monitor.