About the Cherwell® Service Host

The Cherwell Service Host serves as a container for these microservices: Automation Processes, Email and Event Monitoring, Email Delivery, Scheduling, and System Event Processing.

The microservices use the Cherwell Message Queue Service, which is a centralized queue that enables workload distribution. The microservices can be configured to allow for both local and remote installations of the Cherwell Service Host to process the queue, providing increased throughput.

Each piece of work sent to the Cherwell Message Queue Service is considered a message. For example, email messages sent from CSM are delivered to Cherwell Message Queue Service; the Mail Delivery Services consumes the messages from the queue and sends them.

Each microservice has:

  • A leader that monitors the CSM database and identifies work that needs to be done. That work is then queued.
  • Multiple workers that pull work off the queue and then complete that work.

Monitor the number of workers and workload on the RabbitMQ management interface to help determine when you need to scale the Service Host or manually multiply the number of workers.

Good to Know:

  • You can set the database connection for the Cherwell Service Host in the Cherwell Server Manager.
  • You can monitor, stop, and start the Cherwell Service Host from Cherwell Server Manager or the Command Line Configure utility.
  • No actual user or email data will be stored in queue channels with the Cherwell Message Queue Service. The service only uses IDs used to complete processes.