Monitor Queues from the RabbitMQ Management Interface

RabbitMQ, which is the message-oriented middleware used by Cherwell Message Queue Service (CherwellMQS), offers a management interface for on-premises installations that displays data related to queues and connections.

Use the data that RabbitMQ provides to make informed decisions about scaling CSM microservices. Helpful data includes a list of machines with CSM installed connecting to RabbitMQ, the number of workers, the number of pending messages, and the number of queued messages.

Access to the RabbitMQ Management Interface is only available for on-premises installations of CSM.

Opening the RabbitMQ Management Interface

Use a standard web browser to access the RabbitMQ management interface.

The default location of the management interface is http://localhost:15672. The default login ID and password are admin/admin. To change these default settings, refer to the RabbitMQ documentation.

The CherwellMQS settings must match RabbitMQ. If you update the username or password for RabbitMQ, as is advised, you must update the CherwellMQS settings to match. See Configure CherwellMQS/RabbitMQ.