Define a Text Expression

A Text expression displays a string of tokens and text. For example, use a Text expression to dynamically control the last edited text on the Incident form.

The following two formats can be used for link expressions:

  • Links in expressions must be URL-encoded. Ensure you replace spaces with %20.
  • Use a | (pipe) character as the delimiter between the link text and the URL.


    Text before the link [LINK Click to Send Email|mailto:[email protected]?subject=Very Important Email&body=This email is of the utmost importance] text after link

    If the URL contains a | (pipe) character, ensure you replace the | with %7C.

To define a Text expression:

  1. Create an expression.
  2. In the Editor drop-down list, select Text.
    The Text Expression section opens.
  3. Define the expression:
    1. (Optional) In the Expression field, provide the text to display before the expression (example: Last Edited).
    2. Select the Down arrow to open the Token Selector, and then select a value (example: Incident.LastModifiedDateTime).
      Right-click anywhere in the Expression field to access the Token Selector.

      The token displays in the Expression field.

    3. Select the After replacing tokens, evaluate the results as a calculation check box to display a calculated value instead of the defined numerical equation.
  4. (Optional) Add additional text and tokens to the expression.
  5. Select Save.