Export a Grid in the Desktop Client

Export a grid to use CSM data in other applications for reporting or display purposes. You can export to a .csv or Excel file.

You can export any available field in the Business Object or related Business Object (Business Object in a 1:1 Relationship with the selected Business Object.)

To ensure a manageable amount of data is displayed, grids that are displayed in the CSM Desktop Client (except those in the Form Arrangement) are limited to a maximum of 20,000 rows even though there may be many more rows of data available. To access all of the data in a grid, export or print the grid. In the Form Arrangement, Grids are not limited for displaying data, exporting, or printing.

Search Results grids allow you to select multiple records at one time and export the contents or run a One-Step™ Action on those selected records. On all other types of grids, exporting or printing a grid will export or print all rows of data.

For example:

  • Export customers to a .csv file to use a spreadsheet tool to manage a mass-mail communication.
  • Export Priority 1 Incidents to use the data as text in a report or presentation.
  • Export Knowledge Articles to include them in a troubleshooting manual.

To export a Grid in the Desktop Client:

  1. In a Grid, select File > Export Grid or right-click and select Export Grid.

    Exportable fields are organized by category; uncategorized fields are listed at the top, and are likely listed in the menu. Relationships fields are listed below the Relationship node (example: Incident Links Problem Fields).

  2. Select the columns to export by moving them to the Selected Fields box.
  3. Verify the Truncate long fields check box is selected to truncate exported fields at 300 characters. Clear the check box to export the entire contents of fields with more than 300 characters.
  4. Define the file options:
    1. Select Browse to open the Chose Export File window.
    2. Provide a file name for the exported file.
  5. Select the format to use for export:
    • CSV (.csv): Exports all rows of data
    • Excel (.xlsx): Exports only the rows of data that appear in the Grid
  6. Select OK to begin the export.
    The file immediately begins to download. The download process varies based on the browser and associated settings.
  7. Save the file to your device.