About HTML Pages

HTML pages can be internal or external and are used to display websites, forums, or hard-coded pages.

HTML pages can be:

  • Internal HTML pages: HTML pages that users design and code. Users can insert CSM commands directly into the page, as well as CSM images, tokens, and stored values.
  • External HTML Pages: Existing websites. Users supply the URL.

Use an HTML page to display:

  • A company website as a startup item on a Portal Site.
  • A hardware website or forum on a Portal Site (add an action to a site menu bar to display an HTML page).
  • A hard-coded HTML page that users design directly in the CSM Browser Client.

CSM provides several default HTML pages. Use these HTML pages as-is, edit them, or create new HTML pages using the HTML Page Manager. CSM also provides the HTML Page Editor to help design and code your own internal HTML page.

The HTML Page Editor is useful for building pages. For more advanced options, it is assumed that users have a working knowledge of HTML and possibly CSS.