Create an Internal HTML Page

You can design and code internal HTML pages.

To create an Internal HTML page:

  1. Open the HTML Page Manager.
  2. (Optional) Select a scope and subfolder.
  3. Select Create New > Internal HTML Page.
  4. Provide a name and description (these can be searched in the CSM Item Managers).
  5. Select Options.
    1. Select a scope from the Availability drop-down list.

      If you already selected a scope at the beginning, this is autopopulated with your selection.

    2. Select an association from the drop-down list. If applicable, select a more filtered scope (example: A particular team). <Automatic> applies scope based on login. If not applicable, this option is not available.
    3. For a custom image, select the Image, and then select an existing image or import a new image to represent the item in the UI.
    4. Select OK.
  6. Select the Set background color check box to apply a background color to the HTML page. Then, select the Color Selector button to select the color for the page.
  7. Select OK.
    The HTML Page Editor opens to format the layout/appearance of the HTML page.