CSM Item Manager Menu Bar (Typical)

Table:  File
Action Description
New Creates a new item.
Edit Edits the current selection.
Delete Deletes the current selection.
Rename Renames the current selection.
Import Imports the item definition from a saved Cherwell Export Definition file (.ced).
Export Exports the current item to a Cherwell Export Definition file (.ced).
Close Closes the Manager.
Table:  Edit
Action Description
Cut Moves the current selection to the clipboard, so you can then paste it into a new location.
Copy Creates a new item whose properties are the same as the copied item. The new item can then be named and customized.
Paste Inserts the cut or copied item from the clipboard.
Select All Selects all items in the current window.
Localization Provides options for managing translated values for items (CSM Administrator only). See Managing Translations for Individual Definitions.
Table:  View
Action Description
Icon Displays items as icons.
List Lists items by Display Name.
Details Lists items in a detailed, sortable Grid (displays Display Name, Description, Last Modified, etc.).
Show [Items] for... Selects the scopes to display in the Manager tree. By default, scopes are displayed for the User/Role currently accessing the item, but Users can select to display items for all Users, Roles, Teams, or Customer Workgroups.
Refresh Refreshes the data.
Find Dependencies Displays other CSM Items using the selected item.
Table:  Help
Action Description

Opens the online help.


Opens the online help.

Report Error

Opens the Report Error window so you can report an error to Cherwell.