Edit a CSM Item

Use the CSM Item Manager to edit existing CSM Items (example: Dashboards, Reports, One-Step Actions etc.). Edit CSM Items when information needs to be updated (example: Adding a new Field to a Report) or changed (example: Changing the text in an e-mail One-Step Action).

Good to know:

  • Editing items does not affect past versions (example: Adding a new Field to a Report only adds the Field for present and future Reports). However, dependencies between CSM Items might be affected when editing items.

    For example, a Widget might be dependent on a specific Metric in order to show the correct data. Editing the Metric to display a different set of data could result in incorrect data displaying or a broken Widget.

  • Dependencies are important to note when editing or deleting items in CSM Item Managers. Select Dependencies to scan CSM for everything that uses the item.
  • Managers look and behave differently in the Browser Client. For more information, refer to the CSM Browser Client.

To edit a CSM Item:

  1. Open a CSM Item Manager.
  2. Select a scope and subfolder (if needed).
  3. Select the CSMItem to edit, and then do one of the following:
    • In the CSM Item Manager toolbar, select Edit.
    • From the CSMItem Manager window, right-click > Edit.
    • Select the Edit tab in the CSMItem Manager menu bar.

    The item's Property page or Editor opens so that you can make changes.

  4. Save the changes by selecting Save or Save As.