Knowledge Pane Results

Knowledge pane results are based on selected Knowledge Sources. After you run a Knowledge search, the results appear in the bottom pane.

Results display in order of relevancy ranking. This means the records most likely to be relevant to your search string display at the top of the results by default. For attachments, the search returns results that match the text within .txt, .doc, and .xls files and any file type with a matching file name.

The following example shows results for the term "print":

Knowledge Pane Search Results

To view result details, select the link associated with the result.

Right-click the result to view the record (opens in a new window with limited functionality), go to the record (opens the record in the CSM Desktop Client main window), or go to record in a new window (opens in a new window with full functionality).

You must select Browse... under online resource results to view the content.

Depending on the type of Knowledge source you select, the information will open in different ways, including:

  • Attachment links open the attachment file.
  • Business Object links open the associated Business Object in a new window.
  • Web links open a browser in a new window.
  • Knowledge Articles open in a new window.