Create a Metric

Use the Metric Properties window (accessed from within the Metric Manager) to create a Metric.

When you create a Metric, you can choose from these types:

  • Creating a Query Value Metric:

    Based on a Search Query (ex: Open Incidents, SLAs warnings and breaches, records with unread Journals, etc.). Queries can contain simple calculation functions (ex: Averages, such as Incident MTTR).

  • Creating a Calculated Metric:

    Calculated measurement that involves other values (can be other Metrics) and math operator (example: FCR rate).

Good to know:

  • Read Metric Caching before creating Metrics.
  • Consider where the Metric will be used (example: Widget, Expression, or Query), how the Metric will be used (just on a Widget, built into another Metric, etc.), what type of value you are seeking (decimal, percentage, etc.) before creating Metrics. For example, if the Metric will be used in an Expression to calculate another Metric value, make sure that the format is consistent—a percentage value cannot be divided by a decimal value.