Add an Action to a One-Step Action

A One-Step™ Action is an entity that initiates one or more defined Actions (example: Create an Incident record). A One-Step Action is made up of a series of Actions and can be simple (a few Actions) or complex (multiple Actions that run under conditional circumstances). Numerous Actions are available to add to a One-Step Action.

One-Step Actions are also a type of Action you can add to various areas within CSM:

  • CSM Desktop Client Task Pane and various Dashboard Widgets: Select the One-Step Action category in the Action Manager and then select a specific One-Step Action (or create your own).
  • CSM Desktop Client toolbar, Business Objects, and Customer Portal: Click Add One-Step Action in the Actions Menu to open the One-Step Action Manager and select a specific One-Step Action (or create your own).
  • Automation Processes: Select One-Step Action as the type of Action to add to an Automation Process.