Define a Run another One-Step™ Action

Use the Run another One-Step Action to run another One-Step Action. This is useful for creating One-Step Actions with common functionality for use inside of other One-Step Actions.

For example, use a Customer Feedback Survey One-Step Action that runs from other One-Step Actions after they run against the Customer's records.

To define a Run Another One-Step Action:

  1. Open the One-Step Editor.
  2. Add a Run another One-Step Action to the Designer Board.
  3. Define general properties for the Run another One-Step Action:
    Option Description
    Name Provide a display name for the Action (this is how the Action is identified within the One-Step Action).
    One-Step ActionSelect this radio button to select a specific One-Step Action, and then select a most recently used (MRU) One-Step Action in the drop-down. Or, click the Ellipses button to open the One-Step Action Manager, and then select an existing One-Step Action or create a new one.
    Based on Scope and Value Select this radio button to have the Action run based on a specified scope and Token Value. Then, select the scope in the drop-down. Click the Selector button to open the Token menu and select a Token that holds the appropriate name or ID.

    For best results, use a Lookup Table to limit the Action by a Field value. You must first create Action Fields in the Lookup Table, and then connect those Fields to a control on the table's Form. Use Table Management to select the One-Step Action you want to run for values in the Lookup Table.

    Number of times the One-Step Action should run Provide a number or use the up/down arrows to increase/decrease the number of times the One-Step Action should run. This is useful for running the same One-Step Action multiple times. The maximum limit is 100.
  4. Define the Annotations for a One-Step Action.
  5. Click Save.