Define a Send a Tweet Action

Use the Send a Tweet Action to post a new tweet to a Twitter account.

For example, add a One-Step™ Action to a Twitter button on the Problem Form to tweet the Resolution description when the Problem is closed.

To use Twitter buttons on a Form or Dashboard, first create a Twitter Account and Activate Twitter Buttons. Character limits are defined by Twitter. If the total text, including inserted Tokens, exceeds the character limit, the text is truncated. The Characters Remaining indicator at the bottom of the Send Tweet window shows how many characters are remaining.

To define a Send Tweet Action for a One-Step Action:

  1. Open the One-Step Editor.
  2. Add a Send a Tweet Action to the Designer Board.
  3. Define general properties for the Send a Tweet Action:
    Option Description
    Name Provide a display name for the Action (this is how the Action is identified within the One-Step Action).
    Account Click the Ellipses button to open the Twitter Account Manager and select the account to which the Tweet should be posted.
    Tweet Provide text. Click the Selector button to insert Tokens (example: Fields, System Functions, Prompts, Expressions, Stored Values, Metrics, and Counters) directly into the text.
  4. Define the Annotations for a One-Step Action.
  5. Click Save.