Define Actions for a One-Step™ Action

Use the Actions pane in the One-Step Editor to add Actions to the One-Step Action Designer Board.

When you add an Action to the Designer Board, the Action properties window opens in the Step details section, where you can define specific properties for each Action. Adding or changing which Business Objects are available within a One-Step Action affects any Actions that are configured to access a particular Business Object (example: Adding, moving, or deleting a Create a New Business Object Action or Go to a Record Action, or moving Actions that were defined to execute against a particular Business Object). Properties that were based on a particular Business Object must be redefined if the available Business Object changes.

There are some icons that are shown on the Designer Board when working with Actions:

Icon Description
Jump to Step The Go To Action icon shows when it is dragged onto other Actions in the One-Step Action that you want the Action to jump to.
Function Icon A function icon is shown on the Action Graphic (upper left corner) if the Action is conditional. The Action does not execute if it does not meet the defined condition.
Warning Icon If you navigate away from an Action without defining all of its required properties, a Warning icon shows on the Action Graphic on the Designer Board. Click the Action to return to the Step Details where a warning icon shows next to the required text boxes. Hover over the icon to show a tooltip that explains what information is required. In some cases, a More Info link is available. Click the link to open a pop-up window containing more details about the warning.

To define Actions for a One-Step Action:

  1. Open the One-Step Editor.
  2. Add one or more Actions to the Designer Board.
  3. In the Step Details section, define the properties for each Action.
  4. Optional: Define conditions that limit when an Action is executed. To add conditions:
    • Right-click an Action on the Designer Board, and then click Action Condition in the context menu.
    • Click the function button on the One-Step Editor toolbar.
    • Edit the condition by double-clicking the function icon, right-click the Action on the Designer Board, and select Action Condition, or click the function button on the toolbar.
  5. Select Only Run Action [name of Action] if Condition is True check box to define an Expression that controls when the Action is executed.
  6. Define the Expression for the condition:
    Option Description
    Stored Expression Click the Ellipses button to open the Expression Manager, and then select an existing stored Expression or create a new stored Expression. Stored Expressions can be reused in CSM.
    Custom Expression Click the Custom Expression button to open the Custom Expression Builder, and then create a custom Expression specifically for this scenario.