Define an Excel Merge Action

Use the Excel Merge Action to create Excel files that contain data from CSM.

For example, create a One-Step Action for a dashboard that exports Incident data into an Excel file to create a monthly report of all Incidents within the last 30 days (including total number of Incidents, how many were closed, the percentage closed on first call, the average time it took to close Incidents, etc.).

You can use templates and save to Excel files:

  • On the machine from which the One-Step Action is run.
  • On another machine on the same network.
  • On a machine on a remote network, using Trusted Agents.

Using a Trusted Agent with this Action may be required for SaaS customers. See Configure One-Step Actions for Trusted Agent.

Tips for Using Excel Merge Actions

  • Create and use the Temporary Filename Token to create a temporary file that goes away after a One-Step Action is finished executing.
  • To save the data outputs to an Excel file and open the file automatically after the One-Step Action runs, add a Post-Step with a Run a Program Action. Specify excel.exe in the Filename text box, and then provide the name of the saved file as the command-line argument. If you used a Temporary Filename, insert it as the filename (right-click to open the Token menu, and then select Filenames>[your filename]).

Define an Excel Merge Action for a One-Step Action

To define an Excel Merge Action for a One-Step Action:

  1. Create an Excel template.
  2. Open the One-Step Editor.
  3. Add an Excel Merge Action to the Designer Board.
  4. Define general properties for the Excel Merge Action:
    Option Description
    Name Provide a display name for the Action (this is how the Action is identified within the One-Step Action).
    Select the template to use for the Excel Merge Action
    • File: Select this radio button if the template is saved to a location other than the Attachment Manager. Then provide the name of the template file (using text and/or tokens).
    • File Manager: Select this radio button if the template file is saved in the Attachment Manager. Then select the Ellipses button to open the Attachment Manager and navigate to the file.
    Save to File Saves the output to a file. Then provide the filename (using text and/or tokens) or select the Ellipses button to navigate to the file on your computer.
    Print Prints the file. Select the printer from the drop-down.
    Page Setup Select paper size, paper source, orientation, and margin size.

    For the file location options, if you are selecting or saving to a file to a local machine or an accessible machine on your network, you can select the Ellipses button to navigate to the file location. If you are configuring the Action to run using a Trusted Agent Group, the Ellipses button is disabled and you must type or paste the fully qualified path and file name for the remote machine.

  5. Define the Annotations for a One-Step Action.
  6. Select Save.

Configuring the Excel Merge Action for Trusted Agents

To configure the Excel Merge Action to run on a remote network, follow the steps in Configure One-Step Actions to Run on Trusted Agents.